image shows modern home in Boca Raton FL on ABC Construction Building website
image shows modern home in Boca Raton FL on ABC Construction Building website

A DIY home remodeling project is an ambitious investment. Get help from ABC Construction Consultants in Boca Raton.

Here’s why:

  • ABC Construction Consultants have more than 30 years experience in the home building and home remodeling industry. We can work with you from design through construction.
  • Home remodeling is an investment that not only upgrades your home, but provides for the personal comfort and convenience of you and your family as well. Remodeling can also prevent expensive repairs, improve energy efficiency, and increase the resale value of your home.
  • ABC Construction Consultants can help manage your home remodeling project: from a single room or a single task to a full home makeover.
  • ABC Construction Building has earned a great reputation in Boca Raton for being one of the best home remodeling companies.

Meet Your Consultant

Israel Morag is a general contractor with 35 years of experience in construction, development, and real estate. He manages and consults on various projects, large and small, for his own company as well as  for other GC's and developers.

He offers expertise in renovations, additions, new construction, design, purchasing and supervision. He excels in finding creative solutions for complex construction projects.

Additionally, Israel helps investors find properties for purchase, renovation and/or rental, then further serves them by locating the best quality material and labor for the lowest price.

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