Trusted Boca Raton FL Kitchen Remodeling Company

Boca Raton Kitchen Remodeling Company

Boca Raton is a small city on the Southeast coast of Florida. It has many public art and galleries and a rich view of the coast, making it a great place to live. If you just moved in, or if you are a long-term resident of Boca Raton, you can seek remodeling services to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your interior space.

ABC Construction, now known as ABC Construction Building and home improvements are your one-stop shop for remodeling ideas and actualization. It is located at Boca Raton in the broader community of Boca Raton, Florida. Our orders are customized to the preference and tastes of our clients. We have specialized in and do a fantastic job in;

Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

We also manufacture and supply custom cabinetry if you have your team to do the fitting for you. We deliver the best quality material and in perfect condition with specifications for installation and use. We have over 30 years of experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling giving new life to spaces. ABC Construction, now known as ABC Construction Building are ready and equipped to handle your innovation projects any time of the year.

Enhance the experience inside your home

We stay indoors for more than 12 hours a day. Making adjustments to your home enhances your experience with your space and improves your quality of living. Our job at ABC Construction, now known as ABC Construction Building is to create custom experiences in your interior space through our comprehensive remodeling services.

The transformative power of remodeling changes the design of your home, making it look and feel as good as new. Renovation makes your home comfortable and broadens its functionality at the same time. Our interior remodeling services will touch on all areas of your home, mainly the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, wall units, custom woodworks, and metalwork for furniture and fittings.

Kitchen remodeling by ABC Construction Building in Boca Raton

The kitchen is one the most widely used areas of any home for the simple reason that people need to eat every so often. A well-designed kitchen stays in shape to serve you longer. If your kitchen is getting old and losing its functionality, we could remodel it by offering the following services; –

  • Install new kitchen cabinets
  • Fit new kitchen lighting

We have specialized in ultra-contemporary kitchen designs to give your kitchen a touch of class. Our kitchen cabinetry is custom designed for your kitchen needs to look and feel unique. You do not have to worry about your kitchen looking like anyone else’s.

Our custom kitchen cabinets speak of superior craftsmanship. We do not outsource them, and therefore you will not run a high cost of acquiring and fitting them. Our business model of designing and using our fittings, such as kitchen cabinets, allows us to offer our kitchen remodeling services at a reasonable cost that is friendly to your pocket.

Bathroom remodeling by ABC Construction Building in Boca Raton

The bathroom is another section of your house that is frequently used. A well-designed bathroom is easy to keep clean. You can also take your time and delight in it as you wash up. Among the services we offer include; –

Bathroom remodeling by ABC Construction in Boca Raton
  • Adding new bathroom fixtures such as mirrors
  • Custom fitting your showers and bathtubs
  • Fitting new lighting
  • Fitting custom cabinetry for specific functions
  • Installing new shelves and racks
  • Applying new tiles on walls and floors
  • Replacing open enclosures

We keep up with the latest bathroom designs and installation processes to take advantage of the updated functionalities of new fixtures in the market. KJB home remodeling offers excellent bathroom remodeling services at affordable prices well within your budget.

Modernize your kitchen or bathroom with a partial or complete makeover

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom allows you to enhance its appearance and fix everything falling apart in one go. The choice is yours whether you want to change old accessories such as the tiles or modify the whole layout of the floor, the walls and install new fittings. Our remodeling ideas can be specified to certain areas or extended to complete renovation according to your preference and budget. We build the kitchen and bathroom theme you desire; contemporary, modern, or traditional design with our ready-made materials and custom fittings.

Modernize your kitchen and bathroom with first-class products provided installed by our skilled craftsmen. Our bathroom renovation process begins with identifying the differences. We analyze the present condition of your kitchen or bathroom and compare it to the desired remodeling. The difference between the old and the new is where all the work takes place.

Client relationship

We involve our clients early on in the design stage to help manage their expectations and improve their final result satisfaction. ABC Construction, now known as ABC Construction Building create 3D renders of your preferred remodeling ideas so that you visualize and approve of them before the remodeling project begins. It is easy to make selections and narrow down your desired bathroom outlook saving remodeling time and costs. Create your dream bathroom with ABC Construction, now known as ABC Construction Building Building today.

ABC Construction, now known as ABC Construction Building value the relationship we have with our clients. We take account of your opinion and preferences and incorporate them into our design options. It is not just a working relationship but a partnership of ideas. We have the materials and the experts to translate the desires of your home experience into workable ideas.

Our craftsmen and the remodeling process

We have the best craftsmen with years of experience in home renovations. We have an eco-friendly construction process that promises to transform your house with minimal interference to your surroundings and neighbors. We ensure that no noise pollution and materials from the old home designs are reused creatively to reduce waste. We will get in, do the job quietly and get out in record time, leaving a lavishly looking space.

Materials and remodeling costs

We maintain a close relationship with genuine vendors of materials needed for remodeling to keep costs lower for our clients. We have custom-made fittings ready for use to reduce the time spent on remodeling projects. Use our remodeling services to enhance the value of your home if you are looking to sell your property or if you just moved in and want to make your space feel like home once again. We have a broad category of remodeling materials, ideas, and project timelines to fit your budget.